How to Activate an iPad Without a Computer

by Andrew McClain
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At one time, running your business without a computer would have been unthinkable. With the Apple iPad, those days are over. You can use an iPad to check email, process sales and handle your inventory. In the past, you needed a computer to activate the iPad, but that's not the case any longer. With the current version of Apple's iOS, the iPad can be activated directly out of the box without plugging it into a computer, as long as you have an available Wi-Fi network or, in the case of a cellular model iPad, a cellular connection.

Step 1

Press the "On/Off" button. You will see a welcome screen appear after a few seconds.

Step 2

Slide the "Slide to set up" slider to start the activation process.

Step 3

Fill out the Language and Country fields.

Step 4

Mark if you want to enable Location Services for the iPad. The location service lets your iPad determine its location through the Wi-Fi connection. The iPad opens a Wi-Fi window.

Step 5

Select your Wi-Fi network from the list.

Click the "Sign In With Apple ID" button if you already have an Apple ID. The iPad connects to your Apple account. If you do not have an Apple ID, create one by clicking the "Create a New Apple ID" button. Your iPad finishes the activation process.


  • An Internet connection is required to activate the iPad. If your iPad cannot connect with the Internet, wait until you are in range of a connection to activate the device.


  • An Apple ID is the same login information you use with iTunes.


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