How to Activate Backlighting in My Time Warner Cable Remote

By Patrick Nelson

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Some Time Warner Cable remote controls can be backlit. The Atlas OCAP 5-Device controller is one. Backlighting keeps the remote's keypad lit for five seconds after you press a button. The backlighting functionality is optional and may not be worth the battery drain if you never use the remote in a darkened room. However, if you frequently watch Time Warner Cable and have difficulty finding multiple buttons, consider activating backlighting.

Step 1

Press the button labeled "Setup" twice within one second to activate backlighting. "Setup" is the grey, uppermost button at the left on the OCAP remote control.

Step 2

Press an easy to find button that when you press won't have too much impact on viewing. For example, press the "Volume Up" button once. The "Volume Up" button is easy to find because it is located where your thumb naturally rests on the left-hand side of the remote. Look down during the five seconds that the keypad is illuminated to find the more fiddly buttons, like "Page Up" for example.

Step 3

Press "Setup" twice again to disable backlighting.