How to Activate a New ATT SIM Card Online

By Evette Snowden

An AT&T SIM card holds your subscriber information.
i SIM card image by Aleksandr Ugorenkov from <a href=''></a>

AT&T SIM cards are the basic account information storage of an AT&T cell phone. Because they are active and store all of your contact information and data, they can be placed in other phones, and all of your information is transferred with the card. You can perform the initial activation of your card by calling AT&T from another phone or online through the AT&T website.

Step 1

Insert the SIM card into your AT&T cellular phone. Most SIM card slots can be found by removing the back cover and looking on the inside of the back of the phone. Slide the card into the slot, making sure the gold portion of the card makes contact with the gold portion of the phone.

Step 2

Sign on to the Internet and visit the AT&T website (see Resources). Be prepared to enter your wireless phone number and some form of verification, such as your social security number or tax identification number. Follow the on-screen prompts (which will vary according to whether you are a new or ongoing customer and your subscriber plan) to complete the activation process.

Step 3

Confirm that your phone has been activated and that your SIM card has been properly installed by making a phone call.