My Acer Laptop Won't Connect to My Wireless Router

by Matthew Burley

Wireless network connections have revolutionized the way that computers and devices connect to one another. However, along with all of the benefits that can be gained from this type of communication, a variety of problems can crop up. When troubleshooting an Acer laptop's inability to connect to a wireless network through a router, verify that the laptop is set-up to connect through a Wi-Fi connection, then check the wireless connection.

Verifying that the Acer Laptop is Configured for Wireless Networking

Turn on your computer using the power button above the keyboard. If the computer won't turn on, then attach the power cord and plug it into the wall, then press the power button again.

Locate your Acer laptop's wireless button or switch and turn it on. On some models, it is a sliding switch on the side of the laptop with an "On" or "Off" position. On other models, the button is located above the function keys on your keyboard.

Navigate to the "Start" or Windows button in the lower left corner of the screen, select the "Control Panel" option, then the "Network Connections" option.

Verify that you installed a "Wireless Network Connection" option. If there is no wireless option, then select the "Set up a new connection" option and follow the steps in the "Network Setup Wizard."

Connecting to the Wireless Network

Navigate to the "Start" or "Windows" button in the lower-left corner of your screen, then select the "Control Panel" option.

Double-click the "Network Connections" option.

Right-click on the "Wireless Network Connection" and select "View Available Wireless Networks."

Select your wireless network from the list, then click the "Connect" button at the bottom of the window.

Type your network's security key when prompted, then retype it to confirm. Click the "Connect" button.


  • check Always verify that your wireless router is turned on before beginning any wireless router troubleshooting.
  • check If you can connect to your wireless network but not to the Internet, then there may be a problem with your modem. Try unplugging it, wait 30 seconds, then plug it in again.

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