What Is Acer Empowering Technology Framework Launcher?

by Ty Arthur

Older Acer computers sometimes include several programs installed by the manufacturer that provide additional options for features such as networking, power management and reinstalling the operating system. These tools are automatically available on some Acer devices every time you power on the computer through the Acer Empowering Technology framework launcher. The launcher lets you access and modify settings to personalize your Acer computing experience.

Automatic Launch

The Empowering Technology framework launcher automatically loads whenever you boot up the Acer computer. After the framework launcher starts, you will see the "Empowering Technology" toolbar at the top of the screen and this gives access to an advanced settings menus. The toolbar remains present on the desktop at all times and you can move it in the same way as any other window.

Toolbar Settings

By default, the Empowering Technology toolbar automatically provides access to extra Acer programs for network management and computer recovery. The toolbar provides a customization option to remove some or all of the programs from the list. Clicking the check box next to each program's name removes that menu option from the Empowering Technology toolbar.

Power Management

The power management menu on the framework launcher's toolbar allows you to manually change specific power settings without finding each individual option through the operating system. You can change the power scheme for both "plugged in" and "battery" states and also alter screen brightness and processor speed.

Tool Removal

Although the Empowering Technology framework launcher provides quick access to advanced menu options, it may slow down the boot up process and will consume system resources. Removing the framework launcher doesn't restrict access to the extra Acer programs, which are still available from the desktop or Start menu. Deleting the framework launcher through the "Uninstall a Program" menu in the "Control Panel" frees up more memory for other programs on your computer.

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