How to Access Yahoo Messenger Archives on an iPhone

by Joshua Phillips

Much like other instant messaging programs, Yahoo Messenger not only works on your computer but is also available on your iPhone through the Yahoo Messenger application. Using the Yahoo Messenger application, you can sign in using your existing Yahoo account and chat with your friends in a manner similar to the PC version of the software. The Yahoo Messenger app archives all conversations made between you and a contact, allowing you to access past conversations directly from your iPhone.


Open the Yahoo Messenger app and sign in to your account.


Tap "Messages" in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen.


Tap a contact to display the conversation archive on file for that contact.


  • check The Messages tab only displays recent conversations; if you want to view the conversation history with someone you haven't spoken to recently, tap "Contacts" and tap the contact whose archive you want to view.
  • check If you are using Yahoo Mail as your default mail provider on the iPhone's Mail app, you can view your conversation archives by tapping the "Y! Conversations" folder.


  • close Information in this article applies to an iPhone running iOS 6.0 and Yahoo Messenger application version 2.2.8. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions of the software.

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