How to Access Task Manager Without Ctrl+Alt+Del

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Pressing "Ctrl," "Alt" and "Del" is one of the most common ways that PC users access the Windows task manager. However, using this method may not work at all times, especially if your keyboard is on the fritz. Additionally, using the keyboard shortcut brings you to the welcome screen, instead of directly opening the task manager. There is another method you can use to access the task manager. The method works in all versions of Windows.

Minimize any open programs or windows.

Scroll down to your taskbar. This is the bar at the bottom of the screen next to your start menu.

Right-click on any empty area of the taskbar. This brings up a small menu.

Select "Task Manager" from the menu. This opens the task manager.


  • check You can also open the task manager using a different keyboard shortcut. Press "Esc," "Shift" and "Ctrl" at the same time. This pulls up the task manager directly.


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