How to Access Task Manager

By Adam Crowson

Getting access to the Task Manager is one of the easiest things you can do with a Windows computer, yet most people don't even realize this option exists. There are three main ways you can open the Task Manager.

With a Keyboard

Type in "CTRL+ALT+DEL." A home computer will open the Task Manager immediately if it is not connected to a server. If you have to sign onto a network on start-up, a window will pop up.

Use the mouse to click the "Task Manager" button on the window.

Use the mouse to click the "Applications or Processes" tab(s) to view what is currently running on your computer.

With a Mouse

Right-click the "Taskbar," which is usually located along the bottom of your screen.

Select "Task Manager" from the pop-up menu.

Click the "Applications or Processes" tab(s) to view which programs are running on your computer.

Using CMD-command shell

Click "Start" on the Taskbar.

Select "Run."

Type in "cmd" in the box to the right where it says "Open."

Type in "taskmgr" when the command shell opens. This opens the Task Manager.