How to Access an SD Card

By KR Knowlin

Many computers come equipped with an SD card slot, so accessing your data is easy. If your computer does not have a card slot, USB SD card readers are an inexpensive alternative. A card reader will allow you to access the SD card via a USB connection. You can also connect your digital camera to your computer to import pictures from the camera's SD card.

Insert the SD card into the SD card slot on your computer. Windows will recognize the device and launch an AutoPlay Removable Storage dialogue.

Insert the SD card into a digital camera, SD card reader or other device that you can connect to your PC via USB. Plug the corresponding USB end into an available USB port on your computer. Insert the other end into the camera, SD carder or other device. If Windows does not recognize the device after a few moments, turn the device "On" by flipping its "On" switch. Windows will launch AutoPlay.

Select "Open Folder to View Files" from the Removable Storage dialogue that opens. The contents of the SD card will open in a new window. Alternatively, you can select other actions like "Import Using Windows," "Import Pictures and Videos" or "Play Using Windows Media Player" depending on what kind of data you have stored on your device and what version of Windows you are running.

Click "Start" on your task bar, then select "Computer" from the pop-up list. The Computer folder will open. Locate your SD card under "Devices With Removable Storage" and double-click its icon to open it. A new window will launch displaying the contents of your card.

Double-click on a file name in your SD card folder window to open the file.

Drag and drop files from the SD card to your computer to transfer them. Drag and drop files from your computer to the SD card folder to move them to the card.

Copy a file by right-clicking on the file name and selecting "Copy" from the list of drop-down options. "Paste" the file wherever you wish by right-clicking and selecting "Paste."

Delete files from the SD card by right-clicking on the file name and selecting "Delete."

Remove your SD card from the PC. Double-click on the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon at the far-right of the task bar. Select your SD card or SD card device from the list that appears, then click the "Stop" button. Windows will tell you when it is safe to remove your card or unplug the card device.