How to Access Sandisk 8GB SDHC Card for a Dell Inspiron (4 Steps)

By C. Taylor

PC cards extend out of the side of a laptop.
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Modern Dell Inspiron laptops will almost certainly contain a memory card reader that accepts 8GB Sandisk SDHC cards, but that's optional on Inspiron desktops. Older Inspiron computers may contain a card reader that supports SD cards, but they may still not accept the SDHC format. Consult your Inspiron's documentation or call Dell's support number to find out if your computer's card reader supports SDHC cards. If your computer doesn't have a card reader, you can add a USB card reader that supports SDHC cards.

Step 1

Insert a USB card reader into the USB port on your Dell Inspiron, if your Inspiron doesn't already have a compatible card reader.

Step 2

Empty the Inspiron's card reader, if there's a card or blank inside. Push the protective, plastic blank in the Inspiron's card reader until you hear a click. Release it and pull it out of the card reader. Use the same procedure if there's already an SD card in the slot.

Step 3

Insert the 8GB Sandisk SDHC card into the USB or Inspiron card reader with the label side facing up. Push until you hear a click.

Step 4

Click "Open Folder to View Files" in the AutoPlay window to access the SDHC card. Alternatively, press "Win-E" and click the SDHC drive letter to access the card.