How to Access Remote Desktop

By Lysis

Remote desktop is a Windows application that allows you to access a computer from a different location. It's also useful if you travel and want to access your work or home computer from abroad. Remote desktop is automatically installed with Windows XP, and you can easily configure it. Opening a new remote connection takes just a few steps.

Configuring the Host Machine

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Settings." Click "Control Panel" from the menu and double-click "System."

Step 2

Click the "Remote" tab. This screen has a section to allow users to access the remote desktop application.

Step 3

Check the box that is labeled "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer" and click the "OK" button.

Step 4

Retrieve the name of the computer. Right-click the "My Computer" icon on the desktop and select "Properties." This initial window lists the computer name. This is needed for the next section to connect to the remote machine.

Leave the computer on to allow access to it remotely.


Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Programs." Choose "Accessories" from the menu and then select "Communications." In this menu, click the "Remote Desktop Connection" icon. This opens a window that asks you for the remote computer information.

Step 2

Type the name of the computer noted from Step 4 of the first section of these instructions. Click the "Connect" button.

Step 3

Type in the Windows username and password. The connection opens the same login screen you see when you log into your Windows desktop. Use the same username and password.

Click the "Log Off" icon from the Windows "Start" button to disconnect when you are finished with the connection.