How to Access Recovery on a Lenovo S10

By Andrew Todd

The Lenovo S10 netbooks are small, portable computers that include Windows 7 and an Intel Atom processor. The S10 series comes with recovery software that allows you to restore the computer to its factory state. Back up all your data before recovery, as all data is destroyed during this process. The recovery software cannot be launched from Windows. You must restart the computer and load the software before Windows loads.

Back up all all important data to an external drive.

Remove any external components connected to the computer, such as hard drives and speakers.

Open the "Start" menu and click "Shut Down" to turn off the computer.

Turn on the computer by pressing the "Power" button above the keyboard.

Press and hold the "F11" key immediately after pressing the "Power" button.

Release the "F11" key when the recovery screen loads.