How to Access Public WiFi

by Andrew Smith

Many cafes, restaurants and stores offer free public WiFi for customers. This allows you to browse the Internet on your computer, phone or other device with wireless capability while in the building. Some computers may automatically detect the public WiFi connection. If yours does not, however, you will need to manually log onto the public WiFi network before you begin using the Internet.


Start off with a computer that has wireless capability. Most newer laptops will have a wireless modem but you may need to purchase and install one on a desktop.


Double-click the wireless Internet icon found in the bottom right corner of your taskbar. This icon could a small computer or three or four bars. The icon will differ based on your computer and modem.


Click either the "Wireless Networks" tab or the "View Wireless Networks" button in the window that opens up. Which option you have will differ based upon your computer and the modem in your computer.


Browse through the different WiFi networks. The public networks will be the ones without an "X" through the icon located next to the network.


Double-click on the public WiFi network and your computer will connect to the network. You can then close the window and begin browsing the Internet.

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