How to Access a Proxy From School

By Christine Kim

Students can use a proxy server to access restricted Web pages.
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There's good reason why elementary, junior high and high school administrators request that Internet restrictions be placed on school computers. This ensures that students do not access inappropriate -- even unsafe -- websites. For in-school labs that use computers, these restrictions also help to keep students from becoming distracted by social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter. However, restrictions can also limit students from accessing useful websites. There are several proxy sites that allow students to bypass these restrictions and access the websites they need.

Step 1

Open your Internet browser. Visit the Tech-FAQ Web page (see Resources), which gives you a list of reliable proxy sites that can be accessed at educational institutions.

Step 2

Decide which proxy site best fits your needs. The proxy sites listed on Tech-Faq will give you details for each proxy site, including its speed and country. You also know how frequently the proxy is used by checking out the number of hits the website receives.

Step 3

Click the proxy's link. You should be redirected to the proxy site and be able to access a range of websites. Most proxy sites will have a text field for you to enter a website address. Click "Go" or "Submit" to be taken to the site using the proxy.