How to Access Metro PCS Email

By Joshua Phillips

Metro PCS makes using email on your cellphone simple.
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Receiving and sending emails with a cellphone is a very popular and common practice. Metro PCS customers aren't left out in the cold because the mobile carrier provides a way for them to join in. The application is titled Mail@Metro and is available on most Metro PCS phones. Mail@Metro makes it simple for Metro PCS users to send and receive emails, and it is compatible with a variety of email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo! and Hotmail.

Step 1

Click on the @Metro key located on your cellphone.

Step 2

Scroll to the Mail@Metro application. The icon for the application is an envelope with an "e" over it. If you do not have this application, download it from the Metro PCS MobileShop, or contact your Metro PCS provider.

Step 3

Select your email provider in the Service Provider drop-down list. If you do not see your email provider listed, choose "Other Mail."

Step 4

Enter your user name and password for your email account in the fields provided.

Step 5

Wait for the registration to finish processing. A successful registration will take you to your email inbox, while an unsuccessful registration will provide you with an error message.