How to Access a Keychain on an iMac OS10.4

by Mario Calhoun

The keychain utility on your iMac OS X v.10.4 stores passwords, login names and certificates used for applications and web browsers on the Internet, and acts as a password manager to keep your login information organized. The utility program requires your administrator password to unlock it and display the keychain information. The Keychain Access also automatically re-locks itself once the application is closed, to protect your private account information from unauthorized users.

Click "Go" at the top of the desktop's menu, then click "Utilities" in the sub-menu.

Double-click "Keychain Access" to launch the utility application, or hold "Control" on the keyboard, click "Keychain Access" and click "Open."

Click the lock icon in the keychain window, then enter your administrator password. Click "OK" to unlock the application, and click the items in the keychain's side menu to view certificates, passwords or login information.

Double-click a stored password in the the Keychain window. Click the checkbox next to "Show password" in the password section, and re-enter your administrator password. Click "OK" to view the specific password.

Click the lock icon to re-lock Keychain Access, then close the window to exit the application.