How to Access a Hard Drive

by TinaN

If you need to get into your computer in order to access the hard drive, there are different ways to do it depending on whether or not you are using a laptop or desktop. But regardless of what kind of computer you are using, it is designed so that the user can access and remove the hard drives on his own.

On a Laptop

Turn off your laptop computer and remove the power cable. Close the screen and turn the computer upside down.

Locate the hard drive compartment on the underside of your computer. As a general rule, it is the largest of all the compartments (WiFi, memory, hard drive). Consult your user guide if you are having trouble locating it.

Remove the screws on the compartment cover and lift it up to expose the hard drive inside. You now have access to your hard drive.

On a Desktop

Turn off your computer and place the tower on a sturdy work surface such as a desk or table. Remove all cables from the back of the tower.

Lay the tower on its side and use the grooves in the panel to slide it off the computer. If there are screws holding the panel in place, remove them and then slide the panel off.

Locate the hard drive in the tower. It is rectangular and located just behind the front panel of the tower. You now have access to the hard drive.

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