How to Access Gmail From a Computer

by Neil Edwards

Google's free Gmail email service offers convenient options to access your messages and contacts from computers, smartphones and other Internet-connected devices. You can read and compose emails, change your account settings and manage contacts and tasks from any computer by navigating to the Gmail website in the Web browser of your choice.

Launch a Web browser on your computer, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Click the address bar, type "" and press the "Enter" key.

Enter your Gmail credentials into the "Username" and "Password" fields on the right side of the window.

Click the "Sign in" button. Your Gmail inbox will be displayed in the Web browser. Links to other message folders as well as contacts and tasks are shown in the left panel. To change your Gmail and account settings, click the Gear icon in the upper-right corner.


  • check If you load the Gmail website in an older or unsupported browser, you may be redirected to a basic HTML version of Gmail that does not include all of the features of the standard Gmail page. To attempt to load the standard Gmail page from an unsupported browser, navigate to

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