How to Access Facebook at Work

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With all of the big social sites today such as Facebook and Myspace, membership to at least one of these sites is at an all time high. To cut back on employees wasting time updating their status, many businesses have put in blocks to stop employees from being able to look at their Facebook. However, just a couple of steps and you will be back to poking your friends in no time.

To access Facebook at work, you will need a proxy. Don't let the unfamiliar word turn you off. Proxies are actually quite easy and do not require you to install anything onto your work computer. A proxy is using someone else's IP address so that you can both surf anonymously and also access sites that are restricted to you.

To find a proxy, start with this website: Simply cut and paste it into your browser.

Choose one of the listed proxies, and then type in your desired address into the the address box. The proxy should then take you directly to your site.

If your Facebook is still blocked by work, they are most likely also blocking that proxy. Simply try another one until you find one that works.

You can find even more proxies at this website. Before you know it, you will have access to Facebook (and many other sites) at work!


  • check Be careful who you inform about this. You do not want too many people accessing it and having the boss find out
  • check Always watch your back while you are surfing banned websites.

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