How to Access External Hard Disk Files

By Elizabeth Chaplin

An external hard drive is handy for computer file storage.
i external hardrive image by Photoeyes from

External hard disk drives are a convenient, albeit somewhat expensive, way to store important files or back up files from the computer. These drives not only have the ability to back up the entire system, but the operating system as well. One of the huge advantages of external hard disk drives is safe storage. You can send your files to the drive on the computer, then physically store the drive in a protected area such as a safe or closet to avoid damage. Files from an external hard disk drive are accessed in much the same way as you sent them.

Plug the external hard disk drive into a wall outlet to power on.

Attach the external hard disk drive to the computer via a USB port.

Go to "Start" > "My Computer" if using a PC, or click on the "Finder" icon on a Mac.

Locate the external hard disk drive icon. Double-click on the icon to open the drive and view the contents.

Double-click the desired file on the drive to open it on the computer.