How to Access the Display Properties Window

By Contributor

Updated May 07, 2020

The display properties window is accessible from the Windows Control Panel, or by simply right-clicking your desktop. The display properties window allows access top several settings, such as the Windows color scheme and background themes, resolution and monitor system drivers. After you have accessed the window, you can set each tab configuration to settings that make it more comfortable to work on your Windows machine.

Right-click your Windows desktop and select "Properties." If you are running Windows 7 or Vista, the icon is labeled "Personalize." This opens your display properties window.

Personalize feature from right-clicking on desktop.

A "Settings" tab will automatically appear on the left-hand side of the new window, containing categories such as "Theme," "Background" and more.

Themes personalization setting on desktop.

Click the "Themes" tab. This tab provides a list of color schemes and background images for your display. The scheme you select is tied to your Windows profile, so each user who logs into the machine can set a different scheme. You can also change the "Background" to a slideshow of pictures, a specific color or one set picture.

Themes personalization setting on desktop.

To change your computer's energy and power settings, click on the gear icon near your taskbar and choose "System."

System settings on computer.

Click the "Power & sleep" tab on the left. On the new page, you can choose from options that automatically put your computer to sleep after a certain period of disuse and options that use less energy. Lowering the brightness of your screen can also conserve energy.

Power & sleep settings for computer.
Power & sleep options for computer energy.