How to Access a Cloud Drive

by Michael Roennevig

Cloud drives allow computer users to store data and files on remote servers. They work in a similar way to Web-based email accounts where all of your messages and any attachments are not stored on your computer. Cloud drive services are a good way of backing up any valuable data you can't afford to lose. Once you've signed up for a cloud drive account, the process of accessing your stored data takes seconds.

Create a cloud drive account with a service like Amazon Cloud Drive, Soundcloud or Cloud Drive.

Make a note of your username and password and start to upload files. Some services allow you to upload music files that you can then stream from any location on devices with Internet access.

Navigate to the login page of your cloud drive service on any Internet-enabled device and enter your login details to gain access to your files.


  • check Most cloud drive services offer a limited amount of storage space for free and charge for additional capacity.

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