How to Access a BlackBerry When the Screen Is Broken

By Sarah Haynes

USB cord to connect your Blackberry and computer.
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Blackberrys can hold a lot of personal information and it can be devastating when the screen breaks, making it so you can't access that information. While there may not be much you can do about the screen except to replace the phone, there are a few things that can be tried to retrieve some of your files off the Blackberry.

Connect your Blackberry to the USB cord and the USB cord to your computer.

Double-click the icon on your computer's desktop for the Blackberry Desktop Manager.

Select the "Back up and Restore" icon from the main menu. Then select the "Back up" option for it to begin pulling all the files on your Blackberry phone. It will look for contacts, email addresses, pictures and music files.

Disconnect your Blackberry phone and turn it off. If you already have your replacement phone, put your SIM card into the new phone and power the phone on.

Go to the "Phonebook" icon on your new phone. Press the "Menu" key and go to "Import contacts from SIM." This will bring over any contacts that were saved to your SIM card if you were not able to use the computer to back them up from the broken Blackberry.

Connect the new Blackberry phone with the USB cord to your computer. Open the Desktop Manager and select the "Back up and restore" option. Click "Restore" for it to transfer the files pulled from your old Blackberry to your new Blackberry.