How to Access Your AT&T U-verse Account

By Matthew Schieltz

Access Your AT&T U-verse Account
i IT Stock Free/Polka Dot/Getty Images

AT&T's U-verse package offers digital television programming, high-speed Internet and digital phone service. By signing up for a U-verse online account, you can manage recordings on your DVR (Digital Video Recorder), watch age-restricted content, create your own personalized library and take advantage of other additional features. Before you can sign up, you either need to have your U-verse account number or your Member ID handy.

Open either Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or the Safari browser. Go to the AT&T homepage at

Click "Register for Account Management" in the "Manage My Account" box.

Click "Register" in the "AT&T U-verse" section if you are registering for online account management for the first time. Otherwise, click "Login" if you already have an account password, enter your credentials in the boxes provided and click "Login."

Click the "Account Type" drop-down menu. Select "U-verse Account" if you want to enter the account number listed in the top right corner of one of your AT&T bills. Select "U-verse Member ID" if you want to enter the primary email address you created when you placed your order. Type the appropriate account number or email address in the box and click "Continue."

Type your profile information into the boxes on the screen, including a password to manage your online account. Select "I Agree" to agree to AT&T's Terms of Service. Select the "Existing Member ID" option and enter your Member ID in the box provided. Click "Continue" and complete the "Provide Additional Information" section. Click "Continue."

Look at your profile details on the "Registration Confirmation" screen to verify that all information is correct. Click "Continue" and wait for the automatic system check to finish. Complete the final "Service Setup" section to set up your account services based on your AT&T package.

Go to Click the "Log in to" drop-down menu in the "Manage My Account" section and click "AT&T U-verse." Type your AT&T Member ID and password into the boxes provided and click "Go" to log into your account.