How to Access the Answering Machine on My Landline AT&T Phone

By Candice Abrams

AT&T provides local and long-distance service to its customers. When shopping for a telephone plan, you may also purchase a landline phone from AT&T. Its landline phones make it simple for you to access your answering system and listen to your messages. The service functions are similar to any other answering machine; however, you don't have a physical answering machine in your home. Instead, you access the voice mail service through your landline phone. From there, you have the option to record a greeting, delete messages and create a password.

Step 1

Dial "*98" from your AT&T landline phone. This gives you instant access to the AT&T answering machine system.

Step 2

Enter "1234" as your password. This is a temporary password provided by AT&T. Follow the prompts to change your password. It must be four digits long, but no longer than 15 digits.

Step 3

Press "2" to record your greeting. Record your message at the tone. Press "1" to play it back. Rerecord your message if you don't like it.

Press "5" to set up extensions, if you have Voice Mail Plus. This allows you to assign certain callers to numbered extensions. Follow the prompts to create additional extensions.