How to Access AKO Mail on a Cell Phone

by Andrew McClain
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The Army Knowledge Online site lets Army personnel access documents, information and email from secure systems using a special card reader. Provided you have an account, you can access unclassified information from the AKO site, including your email, with only your username and password. With this information, you can access your AKO email over your iPhone, Windows Phone or Android phone. Because BlackBerry devices use an aggregator, Army regulations prohibit you from using it to access your email.


Step 1

Tap "Accounts," then tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars," and then tap "Add Account."

Step 2

Scroll down to the bottom of the list and tap "Other."

Step 3

Tap "Add Mail Account" to open the New Account page.

Step 4

Enter your name in the "Name" field, your AKO email address in the "Email address" field, and your AKO password in the "Password" field. Type a description for the account in the "Description" field. Tap "Next" to open the Account Info page.

Tap the "IMAP" option to activate it and your phone automatically attempts to set up the account. If it does not work, you need to re-enter your username and password for both the Incoming and Outgoing servers. Enter "" as the incoming host name and "" as the outgoing host name, both without quotes. Your iPhone is set up to send and receive emails from AKO.

Windows Phone

Step 1

Open the Apps list, tap the "Settings" gear icon, and then tap "Email + accounts."

Step 2

Type a name for the account in the "Account Name" field, then type your name in the "Your Name" field. Next, type "" in the "Incoming mail server" field. Select "IMAP4" in the "Account Type" field, and then type your username and password for your AKO account in the "User name" and "Password" fields. Finally, type "" in the "Outgoing Mail Server" field.

Step 3

Tap "Advanced Settings" and make sure that the settings shown match what you entered.

Tap "Sign In" to complete the process and connect your Windows phone to the AKO mail server.

Android Phone

Step 1

Tap "Home," and then tap "Email."

Step 2

Tap "Next" to open the Setup program.

Step 3

Type your AKO email address and password in the "Email address" and "Password" fields, and then tap "Next."

Step 4

Type in a nickname for the account in the "Nickname" field, and then select your name from the "Name" drop-down list.

Tap "Done" and your Android phone tries to connect to the account. If it does not work, you need to enter the server information. Type "" without quote marks in the "Incoming mail server" field, and then type "" without quote marks in the "Outgoing Mail Server" field.


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