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by Cindy HolcombUpdated January 09, 2018

Ten-key typing is essential in many careers such as data entry, administration, and bookkeeping. Honing your skills in 10-key typing is an essential part of job preparation. Many entry-level positions require proficiency in 10-key typing. A 10-key typing test helps you to evaluate your skills and learn where you need improvement. Practice is the key to becoming proficient.


Ten-key typing involves typing numbers. Ten-key typing can be done using a computer keyboard, a 10-key typing pad, or a large calculator or adding machine. On a computer keyboard, the 10-key typing pad is on the far right–the number pad. Certain jobs require a person to be proficient in 10-key typing. These jobs include data entry, bookkeeping, tax preparer, administrative positions and customer service positions. Most of these positions involve a 10-key typing test as a part of the hiring process. Just as a normal typing test does, the 10-key typing test evaluates speed and accuracy.


The function of 10-key typing is to be able to enter numerical data quickly and accurately. This is important in data entry, bookkeeping, tax preparation and other jobs in which accuracy is important. In order to become proficient at 10-key typing, it is important to practice. A 10-key typing test can give you an idea of your performance using the numerical pad on a keyboard and give you a starting point for practicing by pointing out your weaknesses and mistakes. The function of the 10-key typing test during employment screening is to show a potential employer your skills (speed and accuracy).


The benefits of the 10-key typing test for employers is that it provides a screening process for potential employees. This allows employers to hire only those who will provide consistent and accurate work to meet the needs of the customer. The benefits of the 10-key typing test for a potential employee in a field requiring this skill is that it acts as a guideline while a person is building his skills. A 10-key typing test can be used from the beginning of a training program to show the progress a person is making and point out areas where improvement is needed.


There are many 10-key typing tests that can be found online. Simply use your favorite search engine, type in "10-key typing test," and choose one that appeals to you. Most of these sites also offer practice exercises and some even offer free lessons. When taking a 10-key typing test, you will be shown a series of number combinations that use only the numerical keypad. Some tests have a timer that stops the test after a set amount of time, and some tests end once you complete the entire series and click a button to stop the test. Once the test is completed, you are shown your results, which include the speed you typed and points out how many errors you made and what the errors were. Speed is evaluated by keystrokes per hour.


The results of your 10-key test can play a key role in determining if you will get a sought-after position and how much you will earn for the position.


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