7 Surprising Freebies You Can Get From Your Local Library

By Rick Broida

Updated September 19, 2017

Your local library may offer lots of e-freebies.
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You know that building in your town? The one you used to visit when you needed information for a book report? It's called a "library." And though you may think of it as little more than a dusty old book repository, it's actually home to more than just books. A lot more.

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Print books? Sure, but many libraries now offer e-books as well--and there's no driving required. You simply check them out online and download them to your Kindle (or Kindle app) or another e-reader.

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Many libraries have partnered with digital magazine service Zinio to offer electronic periodicals you can read on your iPad and other mobile devices. Digital Reader's Digest awaits!

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Most library patrons know they can check out music CDs, but check to see if your library has a relationship with Freegal. If so, you'll get free MP3 downloads every week--and you get to keep them forever.

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Long commute? No problem. As with e-books, many libraries offer audiobooks for free downloading to the device of your choice: Smartphone, tablet, MP3 player, or even old-school CDs.

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Libraries aren't exactly Netflix when it comes to digital movie downloads, but some of them let you view indies, documentaries, and other non-mainstream stuff.

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Video games

Video games
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Why spend $60 on the latest shooter when you can check it out for free? See if your local book emporium has a video-game, er, library for your favorite console. It just might.

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Books (duh!)

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Okay, maybe this isn't that big a surprise, but in these days of one-click Amazon ordering, it's easy to forget that your local library offers a wealth of reading material, all of it free for the asking. Thanks, Ben Franklin!

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