What Is 50MB Broadband?

By Alexander Eliot

Cable is just one of the technologies that can carry a 50MB broadband signal.
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A 50Mb broadband connection is a type of data service offered by various Internet providers. The maximum data transfer speed with this connection is 50 megabytes, abbreviated Mb. The term broadband refers to the type of data signal used with the connection, which utilizes a large wavelength. A 50Mb broadband connection is generally one of the premium Internet packages providers will offer.

Broadband Internet

A broadband Internet connection is so named due to the type of signal band used. A broadband signal has a wider wavelength when compared to the signal used by traditional dial-up Internet. This allows the signal to carry a higher rate of information, which makes for increased data download and upload rates. A broadband connection that utilizes existing phone lines to transmit the signal is known as a digital subscriber line, or DSL connection. Alternatively, a broadband connection may utilize a coaxial cable or satellite connection.

50Mb Data Speed

A 50Mb broadband Internet connection can transfer data at a maximum speed of 50 megabytes per second. Note that this is the maximum possible speed, and not the actual transfer speed you will experience at all times. Various factors effect the actual transfer speed. With a DSL connection, the further proximity your home is from the telephone switch line, the slower your Internet transfer speed. With a cable connection, the transfer speed will vary depending on how many users are connected to the same Internet provider in your area.

Download Times and Uses

With a maximum data transfer rate of 50 megabytes per second, a 50Mb broadband connection is capable of downloading files very quickly. At maximum speed, a 50Mb connection is capable of downloading music audio files in a matter of seconds. Film and television video files may take up to several minutes, depending on the size of the file. A 50Mb is also apt for gamers, as online video games will operate smoothly at this speed.

Compared to Dial-Up

A traditional dial-up Internet connection features a connection speed of 56 kilobytes per second. Comparatively, a 50MB broadband connection can transfer data over 900 times faster. This means a video that requires one minute to download with a 50Mb connection would require fifteen hours to download with a dial-up connection. This is why most users opt for a broadband connection over dial-up.