How to Do a 4-Way Phone Call

By Christopher Michael

Talk to three friends at once with a four-way call.
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Most home, business and cellular telephones are equipped with three-way calling features. Four-way calls can be made using the three-way calling service by creating a daisy chain of telephone users. However, the call quality deteriorates when the fourth person jumps into the conversation. If the call quality is not good enough, you can hire a conference call company to address your four-way calling needs. Either way, you'll need someone else's help to arrange a four-way call.

Personal Phone Daisy Chain Four-Way Call

Step 1

Dial a number or select a contact in your cell phone. When the person answers, explain that you're getting more people on the line and ask her to hold.

Step 2

Put her on hold by tapping the flash button, the receiver button or by calling another contact on your cell phone. Call another person if you're using a land line. Explain that you are getting more people on the line and ask for his patience.

Step 3

Bring the first person back into the call by depressing the flash button, tapping the receiver or by pressing the "Join Call" or "Conference Call" button on your cell phone.

Step 4

Explain to both parties that you would like to bring another person in on the call, and that one of them will have to do it for you. Have one of them put the conference call on hold by pressing the flash button, tapping the receiver or calling another contact in her cell phone. Have that person call the fourth party if on a land line. The fourth caller is brought into the conversation when the flash button, receiver or "Join Call" button is pressed.

Conference Call Service

Step 1

Contact a conference call service. You can subscribe to the service for a monthly fee or pay by minute of usage. The conference call company gives you a phone number for everyone to call at a specific time.

Step 2

Establish a time for the conference call to begin with all four parties. The easiest way to do this is through a chain email, or you can call each person individually and set a time.

Step 3

Each of the four parties calls the conference call line and joins the conversation at the appropriate time.