How to Take 4 Video Inputs & Display Them on One Monitor

by Marshal M. Rosenthal

A security setup requires multiple cameras in order to keep an area under surveillance. To view four cameras simultaneously on a monitor, use a security camera surveillance kit. The surveillance kit provides the hardware needed for running the four video inputs together, and the software for being able to view the inputs at the same time on a single screen. There are a number of security camera surveillance kits on the market, at varying prices, with some including the cameras while others require purchasing them separately. No special expertise is needed in order to use the software to view the videos from the security cameras.

Place each of the four video cameras in position so that they are viewing a different area of the location that is to be monitored. Place the security camera surveillance kit's video box next to the PC. Plug the power cord into a wall socket for power.

Insert the connectors of the video cables from each of the four security cameras into a video input on the video box. Plug one end of a USB cable into the USB video output of the video box. Plug the other end of the USB cable into a USB port on the computer.

Eject the PC's DVD drive's disc tray. Place the security camera surveillance kit's installation disc on the disc tray. Close the disc tray.

Double-click the icon of the installation disc once it appears on the desktop. Double-click he installation program inside of the disc's window that has been opened on the desktop. Follow the menu commands to install the program.

Right-click the icon of the installation disc. Select "Eject" from the pop-up menu. Eject the disc tray. Remove the installation disc and close the tray. Restart the PC. Turn the video box on.

Launch the security camera surveillance kit's program by selecting it from the "Start" > "All Applications" pop-up menu.

Follow the menu prompts of the program's installation "wizard" to configure the program.

Click the "Display" icon or button on the program's screen. Select a four-window screen setup from the "Screen" drop down menu. Select the placement for the video from each of the four video cameras in one of the four windows of the screen setup.

Click the "Save" or "Save configuration" icon or button once done to preserve the settings made.


  • check The video cameras should be those noted by the security camera surveillance kit as being compatible if they are being bought separately.

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