3D PowerPoint Effects on a Mac

By Tricia Goss

Your audience won't need special glasses to view your 3D effects.
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When used properly, 3D effects can add interest and excitement to your business's slideshow presentations. PowerPoint for Mac offers several 3D features you can apply to everything from pictures to shapes. In addition, you can rotate a shape to change the 3D effect and create custom designs for logos, callouts and more.


You can add 3D effects to your own image or a clip art picture you inserted on any slide. To do so, click on the picture to select it. If you have multiple images to which you want to apply the effect, hold down "Shift" and click on each picture. Click "Effects" under Picture Styles, point to "3D Rotation," point to an effect to preview how it will appear, and then click to select the one you wish to apply.


SmartArt graphics make it easy to add charts, timelines and other informative images to your slides, and you can add 3D effects to these, as well. Select the "SmartArt" tab, click the type of image you want to add, and then click the specific graphic you want to use. Click the graphic on the slide to select it, click the "Format" tab, and then click "Effects," choose "3D Rotation" and click on the effect you want to apply.


Changing the 3D rotation can transform the appearance of an entire slide. For instance, choosing a parallel effect can make the object appear to be sideways or horizontal. To choose a different rotation, select the shape or image to which you have added a 3D effect, click "Effects" under Picture Styles, point to "3D Rotation," and then click on the one you want to use to apply it to the object.


If you are unable to find a 3D effect you like, you can also create a custom effect. Select the object or objects you want to change, click "Effects," point to "3D Rotation," select "3-D Rotation Options" at the bottom of the list of options, select a preset style to begin with, and then change the rotation and perspective settings until it appears the way you want it to.