What Are the 3 Lights on the Natural Keyboard Elite Key Layout?

By Matt Koble

Microsoft's Natural Keyboard Elite features three LED lights. These lights are located in the middle of the keyboard, between the left and right halves of the keys.


The three LED lights represent caps cock, num lock and scroll lock. They turn on when you press their respective keyboard keys and turn off when you press the keys again.


Caps lock enables consistent capital letters, num lock enables the use of the number pad and scroll lock is used to allow scrolling with the arrow keys. Arrow-key scrolling is commonly allowed without scroll lock, and the key may have different functions between different programs.


In a review of the similarly designed Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, Kick Start News mentions that the LED lights, placed in the same position on both keyboards, are harder to view than when placed at the top of the keyboard, as they are on most keyboards.