How to Find the 25 Character Product Key

By Nick Miles

Most software that you purchase for you computer comes with a product key. This personalized key is paired with the software disc and is necessary to install the software. If you do not have the product key, you will not be able to install the software. To find the product key, you may have to look in several places, depending on how you purchased the software.

Check inside the product box if you purchased the software in-store. There should be a product key card label inside the disc box with the product key printed on it. You may also locate the product key on the disc slip if the disc did not come in a hard-cover case.

Check for a sticker on your computer if the software was preinstalled. When a computer is shipped with software preinstalled, such as the Windows operating system, a sticker or certificate of authenticity will be included on the side or back of the computer or bottom of the laptop for you to use if you ever need to reinstall the software.

Check the product confirmation page for downloaded software. Before you download the software, you will be brought to a confirmation page that includes the download link as well as the product key. If you have lost this page, contact the company you purchased the software from to receive a replacement code.