2350 Master Clock Instructions

By Krista Martin

The 2350 Master Time System Clock is a programmable clock that controls the bells, clocks and lights in a building. The clock system is no longer being made, so it may be difficult to track down a user manual. However, many schools and other types of buildings use these clocks to keep order and structure in the day.

Step 1

Open the control panel of the Simplex 2350 Master clock and inspect the four section selector switches in the upper left-hand corner. The 12-24 switch sets the control panel display in the hour format. You can set the switch to "12" to set the clock on a 12-hour day, or set it to "24" for a 24-hour day. Set the switch to "DST" to enable the automatic correction of daylight savings time.

Step 2

Enter the security access code to access program changes and additions or to review the clock's programming. All Master Clocks ship with a factory-set access code. Once you enter the code, the screen will illuminate. Exit the program by pressing "Cancel." Alternatively, this mode will time-out after 90 seconds of inactive use.

Step 3

Set the current time and date. Press the "Ahead/Back" button to reset the seconds counter to zero. Enter the access code to enter the program control.

Step 4

Select "Mode" and "Time Set" to set the time. Use the "Ahead/Back" button to set the correct time.

Step 5

Select "Month" and "Ahead/Back" to set the current numerical month. For example, January is represented as "1" and December is represented by "12."

Step 6

Set the year by entering "Year" and pressing the "Ahead/Back" button until you find the current year.

Step 7

Set the holiday schedule. Enter the access code and select "Mode." Select "Program Control, Holiday, Begin, Month." Press "Ahead/Back" until you select the date. Select "Month" and press "Ahead/Back" to select the month. Select "End Month" and press "Ahead/Back" to find the month when the holiday ends. Press "End Date" and press "Ahead/Back" until you set the last day of the holiday.

Step 8

Program the output circuit. Press "Program Control" and enter security access control. Select "Mode" and "Duration." Press "Circuit" and "Circuit 1." Press "Ahead/Back" to set the display to 10. Enter "Day" and press "Ahead/Back" to set the time to "8:00 AM." Set each circuit output that you have.

Select "Review" and enter the access code to review all of the programs that you have set on the Master Clock.