2350 Master Clock Instructions

By Krista Martin

Master Clocks are common in schools and classrooms.
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The 2350 Master Time System Clock is a programmable clock that controls the bells, clocks and lights in a building. The clock system is no longer being made, so it may be difficult to track down a user manual. However, many schools and other types of buildings use these clocks to keep order and structure in the day.

Open the control panel of the Simplex 2350 Master clock and inspect the four section selector switches in the upper left-hand corner. The 12-24 switch sets the control panel display in the hour format. You can set the switch to "12" to set the clock on a 12-hour day, or set it to "24" for a 24-hour day. Set the switch to "DST" to enable the automatic correction of daylight savings time.

Enter the security access code to access program changes and additions or to review the clock's programming. All Master Clocks ship with a factory-set access code. Once you enter the code, the screen will illuminate. Exit the program by pressing "Cancel." Alternatively, this mode will time-out after 90 seconds of inactive use.

Set the current time and date. Press the "Ahead/Back" button to reset the seconds counter to zero. Enter the access code to enter the program control.

Select "Mode" and "Time Set" to set the time. Use the "Ahead/Back" button to set the correct time.

Select "Month" and "Ahead/Back" to set the current numerical month. For example, January is represented as "1" and December is represented by "12."

Set the year by entering "Year" and pressing the "Ahead/Back" button until you find the current year.

Set the holiday schedule. Enter the access code and select "Mode." Select "Program Control, Holiday, Begin, Month." Press "Ahead/Back" until you select the date. Select "Month" and press "Ahead/Back" to select the month. Select "End Month" and press "Ahead/Back" to find the month when the holiday ends. Press "End Date" and press "Ahead/Back" until you set the last day of the holiday.

Program the output circuit. Press "Program Control" and enter security access control. Select "Mode" and "Duration." Press "Circuit" and "Circuit 1." Press "Ahead/Back" to set the display to 10. Enter "Day" and press "Ahead/Back" to set the time to "8:00 AM." Set each circuit output that you have.

Select "Review" and enter the access code to review all of the programs that you have set on the Master Clock.