Troubleshooting a Lumens Document Camera

By William Pullman

Updated September 26, 2017

Lumens document cameras capture images from paper documents in real time for projection onto a screen or for display on a computer or other device. As with the overhead projectors that they replaced, Lumens document cameras may not always work as intended, with many users having problems with no picture, focus and an image that is too bright or dark. You can fix your document camera by troubleshooting the device.

No Picture

The Lumens document camera may not display a picture, which is often the result of activating the wrong source button or not connecting the camera correctly. If you press the source button and you don't see the document displayed, press one of the different source buttons and the correct source button again.

Next, check the source connection to the camera. Lumens document cameras have several source connections, including a VGA, C-Video and USB jack. Make sure the connecting wires are secured to the camera and the display source.

Out of Focus Picture

Focusing images with the Lumens document camera is done with the focusing knob connected to the lens. You can focus an image by rotating the knob clockwise or counterclockwise. Some documents are difficult to focus and may not look correct no matter how you adjust the knob. To fix the focus, zoom in on the document as close as possible using the control button. The control button is located on the base of the camera and controls the zoom by pressing the button once and then rotating the button. Once at full zoom, focus the image and zoom out to the correct size of the document.

Bright or Dark Document

As with handheld cameras, Lumens document cameras have an exposure setting that determines how much light is filtering through the lens. If the exposure setting is too large or small, the resulting image display will be too bright or dark. To adjust the brightness of a document, rotate the control button clockwise or counterclockwise until you reach the desired brightness level.

Additional Service

Some problems with Lumens document cameras may require the assistance of a service technician. Lumens allows users to submit service forms when there are other problems with the document camera. The service section of their website has information on how to submit service requests (the link can be found in the Resources section).