Brother Fax 560 Instructions

by William PullmanUpdated September 26, 2017

The Brother Fax 560 is a personal fax machine released in 2000. The 560 features telephone operations, a 10 page auto document feeder, a 50 page paper cassette and acts as a copier with the ability to make up to 99 copies. All of the functions on the machine are easy to use and can be done out of the box after the 560 is installed.

Answer Mode

The 560 offers four different answering modes. You can choose the answering mode that works best for your home or office, and change it as needed. The first mode is “MANUAL.” In “MANUAL” mode, you must answer all of the calls with the handset on the machine. If you hear a fax tone when you answer the phone, press the “Start” button on the machine and hang up the headset. You will receive the fax as normal.

In “FAX ONLY” mode, the machine will automatically pick up each call as a fax call. This mode works best when you have the 560 connected to a dedicated fax line.

“FAX/TEL” mode allows you to use the machine as a fax and telephone line. The fax machine answers the call and determines if it is a fax or voice call. When it is a fax call, it prints the fax as normal. If it is a voice call, the hand set will double ring until you pick up the line.

The final setting is “TAD,” which stands for “Telephone Answering Device.” This mode is used when you have an external answering machine attached to the line. In “TAD” mode, the answering machine picks up the call. If it is a fax call, the machine detects the fax tones and prints the fax as normal.

To switch between fax modes, press the “Mode” button on the control panel. You will see your current setting in the display screen. Press the “Mode” button repeatedly until the fax mode you want to use is displayed.

Sending Faxes

The 560 allows you to send faxes manually and automatically. In manual mode, you dial the number and listen for the fax tone before sending the documents. In automatic mode, you just enter the number to start the transmission.

To send a document using manual mode, place the document face down in the automatic document feeder. Press the “Hook” button and listen for the dial tone. When you hear the dial tone, input the number of the fax recipient. When you hear the fax tone, press the “Start” button to begin transmission. The 560 will automatically terminate the connection once the transmission is complete.

To send a document using automatic mode, place the document face down in the automatic document feeder. Enter the number of the fax recipient and press the “Start” button.

Making Copies

In addition to its fax functions, the 560 can make copies of your documents. To make a copy, place the document face down in the automatic document feeder and press the “Copy/Help” button. Choose the number of copies you need, up to 99, using the number pad. Press the “Copy/Help” button again to begin copying.

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