Machines That Can Personalize Things

by Daniel WestlakeUpdated September 26, 2017
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Personalizing items that you own is a fun hobby and can also be necessary for labeling what is yours, if a lot of people are working or living in one area. A number of different machines are available which can effectively personalize items made from different materials.

Computerized Embroidery and Sewing Machine

With computerized sewing machines you can sew certain words or images into a piece of fabric. The Brother SE350 model, for instance, comes with a number of different built-in stitches and has a large, backlit LCD touch screen which allows you to select exactly what type of embroidery or stitching design you want before the work begins. This will allow you to efficiently sew labels onto all your clothes or stitch your name, initials or representative logo into your clothes.

Label Maker

Label makers are common office machines which print words onto strips of stickers with adhesive on one side so you can attach them to items. This label maker can personalize just about any item you can attach a sticker to. The sticker strips come in rolls and small cartridges of ink are also available, so these machines are easy and inexpensive to restock if you use them regularly.

Engraving Machine

Engraving machines can personalize materials which are usually difficult to mark, like metal, wood or even stone. These machines can have names engraved into them by pressing the material at incredibly high pressure or can have the engraving instructions fed to them by a computer, which then engraves the words into the material with lasers or precise, mechanized blades. Laser engraving machines are the most dynamic of these types of personalizing machines as they can engrave plastic, metals, acrylic, wood, leather, glass and rubber, though they are also often the most expensive to own. Most engraving machines are for business and industrial use, rather then personal use.

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