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by Patrick PhelpsUpdated September 26, 2017
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Fax machines provide an easy and convenient way for businesses to send and receive hard copy documents. When considering purchasing a fax machine, several requirements should be considered. These include speed, connectivity, pricing and security options. Fax machine models may differ in any or all of these factors.


Depending on the volume of faxes you send or receive, the speed at which the fax machine processes faxes may be very important. Many businesses with a high fax volume make a high speed fax a requirement to keep up with the volume of work and to help eliminate busy signals.


With compliancy concerns on the rise, maintaining security of the information sent or received by a fax machine is an important requirement for many. If security and confidentiality are important, requiring encryption along with the ability to store received faxes into a secure mailbox should be high on your list of requirements.

Address Book

Address books store frequently used fax numbers into the memory of the fax machine, and so having the ability to store frequently used numbers can be an important consideration. Depending on how many fax numbers you wish to store, choosing a fax machine that has enough internal memory and an easy user interface to retrieve stored numbers should be a requirement in your decision on the type of fax machine to purchase.


The cost of fax machines varies widely and depends on the features of the specific fax model. Unless you have an unlimited budget, you should choose a fax machine that not only provides for the requirements that you need but also fits into your budget.


Many fax machines have the ability to be connected to a computer or computer network. This connectivity can allow for network faxing and, in some circumstances, can also serve as a printer. If you require both a fax and a printer, fax models that can be connected may prove to be a cost-effective choice.


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