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by George GarzaUpdated September 26, 2017
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RTSP, short for Real-Time Streaming Protocol, is a network-control protocol. Working with entertainment and communications systems it controls streaming media servers and functions by establishing and controlling media sessions between end points.

RTSP enables the delivery of real-time data content, such as audio and video over a network. The data sources can include both live data feeds and stored content, such as prerecorded events or documentaries.


Lazydesis has a variety of features, including forums and a live TV channel. There are arcade games, including a section to invite friends, guests or other account holders. Guests have limited access to the site or its features. However, you can register to create a free account.

Radio Paradise

Radio Paradise is a blend of eclectic genres and styles of music mixed and selected by producers. You may hear classical music as well as modern renditions, world music, electronica or jazz music.

Their specialty is producing a diverse experience from a collection of songs to make them flow together in a way that presents rhythm and harmony.


Symbianize offers many entertainment options. To access the private forums and restricted features users must create a free account.

You can download free applications, tones, themes, games, graphics, videos and more. You can ask questions or get support related to computers, mobile phones and multimedia. There is private messaging (PM) with other members. You can communicate instantly with online members.


Metaverse is unusual because it focuses on the virtual world. Metaverse Television pretends to be real, mimicking "real" TV operations. The site works with the Metaverse Broadcasting Company, which, according to the website, creates virtual worlds to design and engage a real global audience.

The virtual TV shows that they produce include "The MBC Show" and the "Late Show with Numbers Rossini." "I Want to be a Celebrity" and "The Residents Court" are two that spoof of past or current shows. There is also a portal where you can contribute tutorials for members of Second Life.


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