Common Communication Devices

By Joey Papa

Updated September 26, 2017

PDA: a common communication device
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Communication is the exchanging or transferring of a message from a sender to a receiver. The method by which the communication is carried is referred to as the medium. A device is one medium that is commonly used throughout the modern world to send and receive communication. Communication devices are used in personal life, business, government and society as a whole. The devices may vary, but the object is the same: to send and receive messages.


One of the most commonly used communication devices is the telephone. A telephone is a device that enables the sender to communicate with the receiver at great distances using the voice. The sender dials a number and the receiver accepts the call. Once the two are connected they can send messages via a telephone using their voices. The telephone is commonly seen in the form of a cell phone which allows people to use their telephone virtually anywhere without any wires.


PDA is an acronym for Personal Digital Assistant. PDAs were designed to give the user more control and the capability of using a variety of communication methods in one device. PDAs come in many shapes and sizes but most are small enough to fit in a person’s pocket. A PDA enables the user to check email, access the Internet, make phone calls and download millions of special applications. A PDA also helps the user organize vital information, plan meetings and maintain control of daily logistics.


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Radio is used to send a message in long or short distance and is a closed network of various receivers. Radios are commonly used by police departments, medical organizations and large sporting events. Radios use radio waves to send and receive messages, making it a different device compared to the telephone. Telephones use fiber optics or cell phone towers to send and receive messages while radios don’t require a special mediator.


Laptop computer
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The home computer and laptop computers have become a vital communication device in modern life. Computers give the user the ability to communicate using the written word, video and audio. A computer enables users to access the full extent of the Internet such as social networks, emails and video chatting. Computers are also used in various electronic devices such as automotive vehicles. An automotive vehicle can have multiple computers that communicate with one another to maintain proper functionality.