Remington LM-8 True-To-Light Mirror Instructions

By Solomon Poretsky

Updated September 26, 2017

The Remington LM-8 True-to-Light Deluxe makeup Mmrror features a built-in light and two fold-out panels in front of a single large panel. Designed to make putting your makeup on easier, it provides a mixture of regular-size and 5x magnified mirror elements with adjustable angles. Its lighting system uses an energy-efficient fluorescent F6T5 tube that burns just 6 watts of power and is designed for easy replacement when it reaches the end of its life.

Plugging in the LM-8

Plug the LM-8's twin-bladed plug into an outlet. Because the plug is polarized, meaning that one blade is slightly larger than the other, it must be plugged in to a polarized outlet and must be plugged in with its larger blade going into the larger port on the outlet.


Open the two side mirrors up by pulling them up and away from the center of the light, much like opening a book to lie flat.


Turn on the LM-8 mirror by flipping the horizontal "On/Off" switch in the lower right corner of its front panel to the "On" position. Rotate the dial located directly above the "Power" button to set the light to simulate where you expect to be seen in your makeup. Its four settings each have icons representing day lighting, office lighting, nighttime lighting and home lighting. You can also adjust the angle of the two side mirrors to better reflect your image.

Powering Down

Turn off the Remington LM-8 when you are done using it by flipping its "Power" switch to the "Off" position. You can also close its two side panels by folding them in toward the center of the unit. This will protect its mirrors from being soiled or broken when not in use.


Remington recommends that you unplug your LM-8 before cleaning it. While you can clean both the mirrors and the case with a damp cloth, you can also use a glass cleaner on its mirror panels.

Changing the Light Source

If one of the LM-8's F6T5 fluorescent tubes fails, switch off the LM-8 and turn its light selector to the "Daytime" position. Lay it face down on a soft surface and use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screws on the mirror frame. You will then have access to remove the failed bulb; replace it with a new F6T5/TTI tube. Replace the back cover and the screws that hold the LM-8 together. Dispose of the old tube in accordance with your city or county's laws for disposal of fluorescent tubes.