Ideas for Newspaper Columns

By Lisa McQuerrey

Updated September 26, 2017

Newspaper columns deliver information to a wide and varied audience.
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Writing a newspaper column gives an author an opportunity to address a wide range of people, conveying news and information on a given subject. Most newspaper columns have a specific theme, or topic category the writer focuses on from column to column. Some ideas for a newspaper column are opinion-oriented, or editorial, and others focus on educating or informing readers about events and issues in various categories, including everything from business and politics to religion and self-help.


Many newspaper columns focus on business issues relevant to the reading demographics of the newspaper. For example, if a newspaper is published in a city with a high concentration of technology-related businesses, appropriate business newspaper column topics might relate to trends in high-tech business or local news, events and information about local companies.


Arts-related newspaper columns are often review-like in nature, with a writer providing commentary and information about local artists and art shows. Ideas for a newspaper column on the arts could also delve into national and international art trends.


Newspaper columns that focus on the family can span the range in terms of content. Ideas for a newspaper column about family could include tips for local family outings and kid-friendly local activities; back-to-school information for parents; commentary on issues of interest to today's parents: bullying, education, Internet safety, self-esteem and nutrition; and information for parents on balancing work and home life, or finding appropriate child care.

Money & Finance

Newspaper columns that focus on money and financial issues can range from simple consumer-friendly pieces to in-depth analysis of the world economy. Some topics of interest today include the stock market; economic trends and economic forecasting on the local, state, national and international levels; mortgage reform; small business lending; access to credit; and debt reduction.

Community and Lifestyle

Ideas for newspaper columns related to community and lifestyle topics typically focus on news, events and information related to local communities. Topics may include reviews of community plays, announcements for programs available through community and recreational facilities, reviews of local eateries and shopping facilities and details about community fairs, festivals and public events.


Gardening columns usually provide readers with gardening and landscaping information relevant to the local climate and soil conditions. Ideas for a newspaper column on gardening could include watering schedules, suggested planting timetables, tips on plants, trees and vegetables suitable for local growing and related topics, such as landscape lighting, box gardening and water feature installation.