Industrial Sewing Machines Used to Make Men's Ties

By Christine Lebednik

Updated September 26, 2017

The manufacturing process for men’s ties involves 22 separate steps. These processes include more than the stitching. Cutting the material, matching patterned fabric and pressing completed ties also represent phases of men’s tie manufacture. Tie production still incorporates the completion by hand of many processes, although industrial machine sewing may factor into the overall process. The quality of the fabric used affects the value of a tie. The quality of the overall manufacturing process including the sewing and the amount of hand-completed work involved also affects the value of a particular tie.


Manufacturers, even as of 2011, may still construct particularly high-quality ties entirely by hand. In other instances, tie manufacturers engage stitchers who work not on industrial sewing machines but on the same type of sewing machines used for machine sewing in a domestic, or household, setting. Even when a tie manufacturer’s production process uses industrial sewing machines, typically the manufacture of a tie includes the use of two different industrial sewing machines. The two processes in tie manufacture that may use an industrial sewing machine concern stitching the main portion of the tie and stitching either or both ends or tie tip stitching.

Liba Sewing Machine

Because of the narrowly focused expertise involved in necktie manufacture, only one manufacturer, Liba, has gained recognition for industrial sewing machines used for machine stitching of the main section of neckties. Depending on the necktie manufacturer, you may find a traditional Liba industrial sewing machine in use in which the stitcher needs to manually adjust settings for different necktie fabrics or designs. As of 2011, however, some manufacturers used a newer semi-automated Liba industrial sewing machine model that incorporated computer technology to enhance making setting adjustments.


The Janssen Necktie Machinery company also has widespread recognition in the area of necktie manufacture. The Janssen Necktie Machinery Company produces an industrial sewing machine model used in tie tip sewing, as well as other necktie machinery such as machines used for pressing completed neckties. The Janssen Necktie Machinery company also operates as a distributor of necktie machinery, so a manufacturer can obtain both Janssen’s own machines and Liba necktie machines through the Janssen Necktie Machinery Company.

Finishing Work

Tie tip sewing involves stitching to correctly form either or both the upper and lower ends of the tie. Both Liba and Jannsen make industrial sewing machines designed for the type of sewing required for tie tip stitching. Some ties also incorporate a monogram or other embroidery. Men’s tie manufacturers that produce embroidered or monogrammed ties using an industrial sewing machine rather than a hand stitching process use machines made by the Consew company.