How to Set Up Voice Mail on a Toshiba DKT2020-SD

By David Clair

Updated September 26, 2017

The Toshiba DKT2020-SD is a 20-button speakerphone system with an LCD display. Each phone used on a system has an individual voice mail system attached to it. The voice mail must be set up with a personal greeting in order to properly identify it when it is reached. Setting up a personal security code is the final step to setting up the voice mail.

Pick up the handset or turn on the speaker phone.

Dial "300" to enter the voice mail menu.

Dial your security code when prompted. The default security code is your extension number followed by "997." Press the "#" key at the end of the code.

Speak your name when prompted. Press "#."

Press "1" to save the name recording; press "2" to record it again.

Speak your personal greeting when prompted. Press "#" when finished.

Press "1" to save the personal greeting; press "2" to record it again.

Dial your new custom security code when prompted. Enter the same code again when prompted to confirm.

Hang up when the recorded voice states that the mailbox setup is complete.