How to Change Time on an Amano Microder MJR-7000

By Bonnie Conrad

Updated September 26, 2017

The MJR-7000 time clock lets you track employee time.
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When you run a business, you need an easy, accurate and efficient way to keep track of the hours your workers put in. A time clock such as the Amano Microder MJR-7000 helps businesses track the time each worker comes in in the morning, clocks out for lunch and clocks out for the day. But in order for the data to be accurate, the time and date must be set correctly on the unit.

Turn the MJR-7000 time clock on and set the key switch to "Function." Wait for the display to go blank.

Press the "1" "0" and "E" keys one at a time. Key in the year and press the pound (#) key.

Key in the month and date and press the pound (#) sign. Key in the hour and minute, then press the "E" key. Use military (24-hour) time when entering the hour and minute, i.e. 11:16 p.m. would be 23:16.