Instructions to Release the Left Margin on a Brother Typewriter

by Irene A. BlakeUpdated September 26, 2017

Brother typewriters, like most standard electronic typewriters, have preset margins. When you need wider or shorter margins for a letter or other document typed on a standard 8.5 by 11 sheet of paper or need to use print media of different widths, Brother provides you the ability to change the margin settings using a specific set of command keys. Depending on the model design of your Brother typewriter, you will typically use either the “Alt” or “Code” key along with the “M Rel” (Margin Release) key.

Turn on your Brother typewriter and make sure that you’ve set it for the Printing mode.

Position a sheet of paper or other print media in the typewriter and then move the print carrier left to the existing left margin.

Press and hold the “Alt” or “Code” key and the “M Rel” key and then press the “Backspace” key or “Space” bar to move the margin back or forward as desired. When finished, press “Alt” or “Code” and the “L Mar” (Left Margin) key to set the new left margin.


If you have difficulty locating the “Mar Rel” key, check the number keys as it usually doubles as a number key.


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