How to Troubleshoot the Canon P23-DH V

By Heather Montgomery

Updated September 26, 2017

A calculator is little use if it is not working correctly. The Canon P23-DH-V is a portable calculator manufactured by Canon U.S.A. The calculator has an extra-large crystal display, two color ink rollers, tax calculation function, time and calendar display and an automatic power-off function. If you calculator is not working correctly you may try a few steps to remedy the problem.

Press the “CE/E” button if the calculator is no longer allowing you to input data and “E” is displayed on the screen. This occurs when too many numbers have been entered, when you try to divide by 0 or when data is being input faster than the calculator can process.

Use a ballpoint pen to press the reset button on the back of the calculator if the display malfunctions. This will completely reset the machine and will erase any settings.

Replace the paper by lifting the paper arm. Place a new paper roll onto the arm. Cut the paper at an angle. Feed the paper into the slot on the back of the machine. Turn the machine on and press the “Feed” button.

Remove the printer cover to replace the ink rollers. Remove the roller by pulling up on the “Pull Up” tab of the roller. Place a new roller in place and replace the printer cover.

Replace the batteries if the “Low Bat” message is displayed on the screen or if the paper is advancing at random intervals. Remove the battery cover at the bottom of the machine and insert batteries according to the signs indicated in the battery compartment. Replace the battery cover.