How to Reset a Typewriter

By J. Anthony Cooley

Updated September 26, 2017

Resetting an electric typewriter's memory clears old settings.
i Hemera Technologies/ Images

Typewriters are still used today by people in rural areas and countries without access to computers, as well as people creating and printing legal documents. Electric typewriters fall between computers and manual typewriters since they use memory functions to store settings, but still use paper and ink ribbon to create messages. Storing settings in the typewriter’s memory speeds up the writing process, but these settings can lose their usefulness when your needs change, requiring the typewriter’s memory to be reset.

Press the “Index” or “R Index” button on the keyboard to clear the line correction memory.

Switch off the power on the typewriter. This clears the “Line Memory” and resets the “Line Values” to default.

Hold down the “Code” and “Shift” buttons and press the “Word Out” key. This is a way to clear the “Line Memory” and reset the “Line Values” to default while keeping the typewriter on. This method is more convenient if you are going to continue writing after the memory is cleared.