How to Change a Hypercom Ribbon

by Loletrazina ChurchUpdated September 26, 2017
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Hypercom credit card machine terminals provide electronic payment solutions for processing point-of-sale transactions. The terminal features include a single keystroke alpha entry, a full track card reader and a 35-key keyboard. Hypercom offers a variety of models with and without printers. The printer models include the T7P and T77, both of which offer the option of replacing the printer ribbon. Replacing the printer ribbon ensures that the receipts or reports print clearly.

T77 Model

Open the printer cover. Release the two tabs on the printer cover in the back of the terminal and raise the cover.

Take the paper out of the terminal, leave the cover open and disconnect the power from the terminal.

Open the cover and locate the gray levers on the back of the terminal. Push the levers back in a downward motion.

Remove the modular printer. Carefully pull the printer mechanism away from you.

Pull the front-left corner of the ribbon up and remove the ribbon cassette.

Insert the new ribbon and tighten it by rotating the feed roller as shown by the arrow.

Put the cassette on the printer module and let the ribbon slide into the printing gap. Push down on the cassette until it locks in place.

T7P Model

Open the cover and remove the paper from the terminal.

Disconnect the power by unplugging the terminal.

Remove the ribbon from the printer mechanism and press down on the ribbon cassette labeled "PUSH." Remove the ribbon cassette when the opposite side of the ribbon snaps up.

Rotate the ribbon feed roller and tighten the ribbon. Put the cassette on the module and slide the ribbon into the printing gap. Push down on the cassette and lock it in place.

Plug the terminal into an electrical outlet and reconnect the power. Press the following keys and run a printer test: Function, plus the number 8, the number 2 and "Enter."


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